Agility offers powerful Content Versioning that allows Content Editors to review versions of content and revert to any point in time.

Benefits of Version History

Version History in Agility provides you with a running list of all the changes that have occurred within a piece of content over its lifetime. Specifically, Version History gives you access to old copies or versions of content, which includes information regarding who modified each version of content and when.

What is Versioned in Agility?

With Agility Version History, you are able to view past versions of ContentPages and Page Modules.

View a Previous Version

To view a list of changes made, navigate to the History tab on a Content Item Page, or Page Module.

Restore a Previous Version

To restore a previous version, select the version from the History tab, then click Restore this Version. This will restore the Content Item or Page to the previous version in a Staging state.