Activity Feed and Versioning

What is the Activity Feed and why is it important?

Agility offers a powerful and robust Activity Feed that gives Editors a running list of changes that have been made to a piece of content over time, information on what modifications were made, who made them and when, the ability to revert to those earlier versions at any time, and the option to add comments to document and share important information about the content or changes that have been made with your team. 

You can view the Activity Feed for 

  • Content 
  • Pages 
  • Page Module

View the Activity Feed

You can access the Activity Feed at any time by going into Edit mode for the Page, Content or Page Module that you’re managing and clicking the Chat Bubble icon on the right-hand side. 

From the Activity Feed you can see the Version History as well as what state that version is currently in. 

To view an earlier version, all you need to do is click the Menu Icon for the version you’d like see, and then click View This Version 

Restore an Earlier Version

1. Make sure you’ve clicked View this version for the version you’d like to restore, this will open a comparison view to see the current and selection version side-by-side 

2. Click Revert to this version in the top-right 

3. Confirm again by clicking Revert in the pop-up 

4. Your earlier version will then be restored in a Staging State for you to review and edit if you wish 

5. To fully restore this version to your live site, click Publish