Owners & Admins

Enterprise-Ready Security and Administration


Full control over how your CMS users authenticate and what they can do.

User Authentication

Implement SSO, MFA and more to securely authorize your CMS users.

User Access

Learn how to administer your users.

User Permissions

Determine what actions your CMS users can do.

Item Level Permissions

Best practices for controlling what user can do and which content they have access to.

Managing your Organization

About Instances

Your Organization includes one or many instances of Agility.

About Organizations

Your Organization is where you manage billing and the instances within the Organization.

Organization FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about Organizations.

Accessing Reports

Track changes, user logins, manage batch publishing and more.

Privacy and GDPR

Privacy Policy

At Agility, your privacy is critically important to us.


Read information on our approach to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).