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Plenum UI

Welcome to Plenum UI, the definitive, collaborative and open source UI library for working within the Agility ecosystem!

Introducing Plenum UI

Plenum UI is a comprehensive collection of components and patterns designed for building user interfaces in Agility, as well as your own applications within the Agility ecosystem.

Designing Enterprise UX

Enterprise Software is computer software that's used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than the users of the software, but it should be both! When designing solutions and apps it's important to know who you're designing for.

Creating Apps for Agility

Custom Apps allow you to extend the Agility UI and build your own integration that your Editors can use. An App could be designed to interface Agility with an external system or simplify some business processes.

Plenum UI Components

A brief overview of the components available in the Plenum UI Library

The Agility Marketplace

The Apps in the Agility Marketplace are designed to connect you with industry leading tools.

App Types In Agility

Marketplace vs Private Apps in Agility

Flagship Apps

Learn about some of the flagship apps in the Agility Marketplace

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics app shows your website metrics on the main Agility dashboard.

Google Translate

Translate and detect the language in your Agility content.


The Hubspot app for Agility helps you to bring your Hubspot Forms into your Agility content.

Power Fields

The Power Fields app brings 3 new field types to Agility: the Friendly URL (slug), Markdown, and the Block Editor.


Connect your BigCommerce products with Agility