Batch Content Publishing

Batch publishing can be seen as a way to meaningfully grouping your content, and lets you publish multiple items at the same time with a single action. Items within a batch can still be published individually without impacting the batch itself.

Benefits of Batch Publishing

Batch publishing is a more convenient way than starting each publication process manually. Batching publishes is especially useful when you know you need to update or edit many items at the same time. For example, if a new product catalogue is releasing, you may want to create an item for each product, add them to a batch, and publish several products at the same time with a single click of a button.

What can you Batch?

You can add any Content, Page, or Component in Agility to a batch simply by clicking on Add to batch as shown in the example below.

Next, select an Existing Batch or Create a New one

Managing your Batches

To manage your Batches, click on Reports in the navigation menu on the left hand side, then choose Batches.

From here, simply click on the batch you want to manage. All of the batched items will appear in a list where you can easily manage the batch as a whole or specific items within it.

Actions you can take include publishing or unpublishing the whole batch or picking specific items you wish to publish/unpublish.