Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor, sometimes called a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), is a module that comes by default with every Agility CMS Instance.

It empowers editors with an editing experience that allows them to quickly and easily add, and control the appearance of HTML content on a webpage without having to actually write any HTML code.

The Rich Text Editor is equipped with a toolbox of familiar buttons & icons for editing and formatting your content.

Some features of the Rich Text Editor include:

  • Inserting internal/external links, images & videos
  • Format text output
  • Text alignment options (left, center, right, justify)
  • Create lists with bullets & sub-bullets
  • Create tables by selecting a number of rows, columns, and merging
  • & more

Feel like getting your hands dirty?

The Rich Text Content Editor allows you to view and edit the code for your HTML markup!