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We have a Mini offering for those sites that don’t change much.  For most sites, you’ll want to work with us to choose the precise features you need to help you grow.

Fully-featured test-drive.
30 Days
  • All CMS Features
  • Single User Edition
Create a foundation for your web presence.
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Do more with less.
  • Single Website Channel
  • Single Language
  • 2 Users
A platform tailored for your enterprise growth.
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  • All CMS Features
  • An Extendable System
  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Increase Revenue with Ecommerce
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  • Increase Conversions with Personalization

Pricing FAQ

What are the different features I can choose from?

Every Agility comes with Web Content Managment, Digital Asset Managment, User Generated Content, and Website Users.  Additional components include Agility Ecommerce, Point of Sale (POS), Ticketing, Agility Search, and Personalization.  Options like multiple languages, multiple channels and number of editors also affect the price.  We like to allow you to pick the exact setup you need and not charge you for features you don't need.

What kind of support do I get for my editors or developers?

The default support package includes our live chat feature, and email support.  Additional support packages are available which include faster response time, phone support as well as more advanced architecture or developer support. We also offering self-management of support tickets to help you keep track of everything.

Are there non-profit discounts available?

Yes!  We now provide a 15% discount on Enterprise licensing for verified non-profits.

Will I be billed annually or monthly?

We offer both options.  Monthly is an extra 5% on top of annual billing prices and requires that you set up a credit card for automated billing.

Can I choose my hosting region?

You can currently choose between our USA or Canada regions for your main content hosting.  If you host yourself, it can be hosted anywhere, in any cloud provider (we recommend Azure) or your own data center.

How does hosting work?

By default we provide hosting as part of your package.  Fully hosted and managed and the capacity is fully configurable.  Agility sites can also be hosted on any server that supports ASP.Net, including major Cloud providers such as Azure App Services, Amazon Elastic Compute.

Do I pay extra for upgrades?

No!  Upgrades are always included for everyone, all the time!