Task Management

Tasks in Agility are designed to help you track work that needs to be done and increase collaboration with other users in the CMS.

Reviewing your Tasks

To view tasks that are assigned to you, click the Tasks icon from the top navigation bar in the CMS.

Any open tasks you have will be counted and displayed on the Tasks icon.

Click on a Task to review the details of it.

Completing a Task

When you have completed a Task, click the checkbox representing the task.

This will mark the task as complete.

You can re-open the task by clicking the same checkbox again to undo your completion action.

Creating a New Task

To create a new Task, click + New within the Tasks panel.

Next, give your Task Title, assign it to a User, enter the Details of the task, optionally set a Due Date, and set a relevant Url. Setting a Url for a task can help point the user to the right place regarding a specific content item in Agility or a Url on a website.

Click Save to add your Task.

View Tasks Assigned by You

When assigning tasks to other users, you may want to check the status of their tasks to check their progress.

To check tasks assigned by you, click on the list filter button and select Tasks Assigned By You.

View Completed Tasks

To check the tasks that you've completed, click the list filter button and select Your Completed Tasks.