Pages vs Content

In Agility, there are two main areas to manage your content. Pages, and the Content (area). 

When managing content, you may find the content you need to change is on a Page or it could be linked to a specific item or list in the Content (area).

Why Two Different Areas?

Pages are comprised of Page Modules that editors can add to a page. Each Page Module can have fields and/or link to content in the Content (area) 

This means you can have content fields that are specific to a Page via a Page Module, or you can have those content fields in the Content (area) and store it outside of the context of any page. 

This separates content into two methodologies:

  1. Content that is specific to a page and does not need to be shared across any other pages. This content should utilize fields directly on a Page Module.
  2. Content that could be shared across multiple pages. This content should utilize fields directly in the Content (area).

Keeping your content separate between what will or won't be shared across pages allows you to stay organized and easier to focus on your most important content.