User Roles

With User Roles, you grant specific Role access to users in your instance. As an administrator, you can easily add or delete users from your list as well as changing a user's roles.

None -  User has no access to the instance

Reader - Can see content, layouts and assets. Cannot make any changes

Contributor - Can create new entries (Layouts or Content Items) and edit the entries that they created.

Editor - Can create new entries and modify any entries. Editors cannot add or delete components; only update existing ones. 

Publisher - Has Editor permissions and can publish entries.

Approver - Has Editor permissions and can approve entries.

Delete - Has Editor permissions and can delete entries.  

Designer - Has Editor permissions and can create Layout Models, and add components to layouts. Can define what components appear in the zones of each layout. Designer also has access to the Models section and many areas of Settings.

Managers - Has Approver, Publisher, Designer and Delete permissions.  Can access all of Settings.

You can also view descriptions of the user roles when selecting them under User Management: Settings > User Management > Select User > Roles