Organization FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Organizations:

What is an Organization Admin?

An Organization Admin is someone who is designated to administer your Organization. They can create new instances, and manage subscriptions and billing for each instance in their organization. Being an Organization Admin does not give you access to log into your instances. This is managed separately using User Management.

If I have access to an Instance but am not an Organization Admin, what access do I have on the Organization level?

If you have access to at least one instance within an Organization, you can view the Organization, but will only see instances you have access to (within that Organization) and you will not be able to view any billing details or modify plans for your instances.

How to add an Admin to my Organization?

If you would like to add/remove who your admins are of your Organization, please contact

How to Change your Organization Name?

You can change the name of your organization at any time, this is listed in your billing information.

How to move an Instance to another Organization?

You can re-associate an instance with a different organization by contacting