Testing URL Redirections

Running a Test

Testing URL Redirections in Agility is easy! Let’s look at how we can test them, identify when they’re not working, and take action to fix or remove them. 

1. Click Layouts, and then URL Redirections in the bottom-left

2. Select the Redirection(s) you’d like to test 

3. From the Selection Drop-down, click Test 

4. Confirm your choice in the pop-out tab and click Test one more time 

Depending on how many URL’s you’re testing, this might take a few minutes as they’re tested 100 at a time. 

Once finished, you’ll be given a summary of the results 

Reviewing Results

While you’ll be shown an overview of which tests have passed or failed, you’ll likely want a close look at why a particular test has failed.  

Review a Single Item

You can quickly review a single item by clicking on it and referring to the test details. 

Reviewing Multiple Items

Select Export to download a list of URL Redirections that will include the test results and each test's details. 

Example Results 

  • “The Redirection is working properly” - Successfully returned the expected result and the redirection is working. 
  • “The status code returned 404, expected was 301” - The Origin URL returned a 404, if you get this result, you should contact a Developer to investigate. 
  • “An error occurred while accessing origin URL - The Origin URL encountered a server error and did not return the expected 301/302 result. Contact a Developer to Investigate. 
  • “The Destination URL is , expected destination - The Origin URL did respond with a redirect, however, the Destination URL it ended on was not the expected destination. 

Further Reading