Components with Content that is shared across your site

By default, the content of a Component is ONLY used on a single Layout.  But what if you want to have content on a Component that is shared across your site?
This guide is for you!

Step 1: Create a List in the Content Section

We will be creating a list of items that the user will be able to choose from on each component. 

First you'll need to create a new Model, and add the fields that you want to make available on your Component. 

Once you have the Model created, you need to create a List from that Model.  You do that right from the Model detail screen.

Now, go ahead and create 1 or more items in the list.  If you will only ever have 1 version of the Content, you only need 1 item in the list, but this will future-proof the concept in case you want to multiple version of the content later.

Step 2: Create the Component and Link the Content

New head to the Models section again and create or edit your Component.  

Add a field of type Linked Content, and choose the following options:

  • Link to: Content
  • Link type: Specific item(s) from a list
  • Render UI: Dropdown list
  • Content Selection: Specific Content List
  • Content Reference: YOUR NEW LIST

Go ahead and save that field and the Component. 

Step 3: Add the Component to your Layouts

When you add this component to your Layouts, you'll have the ability to choose which Content Item from the list you created that you want to pull the content from.  

Whenever the content in that list is changed, it will update on ALL the layouts that have chosen that particular item.