Google Analytics

The all-new Google Analytics app for Agility brings your website metrics into the main Agility Dashboard. 

Let’s get you set up! 

Installing the Google Analytics App

1. In Agility, navigate to the Settings from you left-hand menu

2 .Click Apps under Development in the settings menu 

3. Next, click the purple Install button and select Google Analytics from our App Marketplace 

4. From the App Details pop-up page, click the Continue button found in the bottom right corner

5. Click Continue with Google and follow the prompts in the popup window.

6. As this is a brand-new app Google will flag it by default until we’ve completed the verification (which can take a few weeks), but all we have to do in the meantime is confirm that it’s safe to use.

To do this

  • Click Advanced
  • Then click Go to (unsafe) and continue the steps to connect it – We've ensured it’s safe to install, though if you have any concerns at all, feel free to reach out to

7. You’ll now see two drop-downs to select which Google Analytics Property and View you'd like to show the data from

8. Once you’ve made your selections, click Install and then Finish to complete the process

Using the Google Analytics App

With the installation complete, you can now navigate to your Dashboard to view your analytics 

Additional data and metrics will continue to be added as we make future updates