Formstack is an online form builder that empowers anyone on your team to build custom online forms and begin collecting data in minutes.

  1. Drag & drop form builder
  2. Automate workflows
  3. Share anywhere

The Formstack app for Agility will retrieve the list of forms you've created in Formstack so you can easily embed them within your Agility powered website.

Setting up Formstack

Step 1: Sign Up to Formstack

To get started with Formstack, sign up for a Free Account.

Step 2: Create a Form

When you're logged into Formstack, create a new Form in the Forms section.

Give your form a name and url.

Search and select from a list of Templates.

Customize your form with the easy-to-use drag and drop form builder tool, then Save.

Step 3: Getting your access token

To allow your app to establish a connection with Formstack, you need to get your account's access token.

Go to the API page by opening the profile menu.

Click on "New application" and fill out the form. After creating the application, you should see your access token.

Install the Formstack Integration

In order to use an App in Agility CMS, you must register this app within your Organization in Agility CMS. Then, you can install this app within any Instance in your Organization.

Register this app in Agility

See here for more documentation on Agility CMS Apps.

Using the Formstack Integration

After Installing the Formstack Integration, add the Formstack field to any Page Module or Content Model as a Custom Field.

The Formstack App allows you to select a form from your list of forms in Formstack.

When a form is selected, The Formstack App provides a link to easily edit the form, along with some submission statistics.

The Agility API responds with a stringified JSON object which can be parsed, then used to embed a form using an iFrame, or interact with the Formstack API.