Apps In Agility

An Agility App is a self-contained micro-site that can provide specific visual functionality, connect to external systems, and even do background processing.  For instance, and App can have a custom field type that connects your Agility content to an external service via an ID.

Marketplace Apps

Marketplace Apps are tested, curated available to all Agility customers.  They include apps that we believe are most useful.

All 1st Party apps developed by Agility will be Open Source with the code available.  That way, if you would like to have a customized version of an app, you can fork the repo and host it yourself as a private app.

Private Apps

Private Apps have the same capabilities as Marketplace Apps, however they are only available within your particular Org inside Agility. 

To create a private app you would build the app using our Apps SDK, host it, and register it within your Org. 

Once it's registered, it will show up in the App Install browser within the Agility Instances in your Org.

App Surfaces

When an App has a UI, it shows up on a "surface" inside the Agility interface.  

The following surfaces are currently supported with the Agility App SDK:

  • Custom Fields
  • Dashboards (Home, Pages, Content)
  • Modals
  • Sidebars (Content List, Content Item, Page)

We will be adding more surfaces in the future, including reports, sections, and items. 

Creating Apps

Anyone can create an App using our Agility App SDK, available on NPM:

Agility Apps must be written using a React-based framework.  We recommend Next.js.  You can look at the source code for any of the apps currently in the Agility Marketplace as a good starting point, such as the Power Fields app.

Once your app is deployed on a hosting environment, you can register it within your Agility Org to make it available to all Instances in that Org.

If you feel you app would be useful to all Agility users, email us @ with the URL of your app, a link to your source code, and any other details.