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Why Headless CMS with Page Management will boost your SEO

Joel Varty
Joel Varty
Apr 28, 2021
seo with headless CMS

The internet has become the medium upon which the vast majority of our communication flows. Your websites is now the fundamental aspect of your brand. The ability to be “found” online via the content on your website has, by extension, become the focus of an entire field of study known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Why Your CMS Is Fundamental to SEO

Search engines are more and more geared to helping their users find content, not brands. Your ability to rank higher among search terms that are important for you is based on the value of your content. In other words, your brand will suffer if your content isn’t considered relevant, up-to-date, and unique.

A CMS is crucial to helping you maintain better content on a regular schedule, and to ensure that you have all the pieces of the page in place that search engines need to see, such as headings and meta-data.

Better Page Experience, Better SEO

Google and other search engines have begun to factor in the perceived experience that a user will have on a given page with its ranking.
Part of the issue for most websites here is that they are slow to start with. Traditional CMS ties the content to the output, limiting what developers can do to improve speed.
Similarly, the actual front-end implementation of the brand design, the code itself, is hampered by strict templating rules and outdated frameworks.

Faster pages with better User Experience metrics will be favored over pages that are slower to load and aren’t optimized for UX.

Headless Architecture with Page and Sitemap Management

Agility CMS decouples the content from the code, allowing developers to tune the page output using the best tools for the job. This results in better page speed and experience scores across the entire website.

headless cms seo page experience

Maintaining URLs Now and Forever

Most websites, after they have been around long enough, need to maintain legacy URLs. Agility provides tools and testing mechanisms to ensure that the pages with good “SEO juice” come forward with you as your website evolves.

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