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More Than a Headless CMS

Our composable architecture allows you to assemble independent, reusable components which can be easily mixed and matched. With Agility CMS you get faster development, less time spent on maintenance, and improved security thanks to de-coupling from your front end.

Unlock the full potential of your digital experiences

At Agility, we understand businesses have unique requirements and shouldn't be limited by a specific programming language or framework. That's why we've designed our platform to work seamlessly with any front-end and coding language. Whether you prefer to use RESTful APIs, our open-source SDKs, or Jamstack technologies, you'll have the flexibility to deliver content in a way that works best for you.

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From Idea to Execution in Record Time

With Agility's API-first platform, you can iterate and innovate faster, as well as scale and adapt to changing business requirements with ease. Take your digital experiences to new heights and stay ahead of the competition.

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Integrate and Iterate

Our composable architecture allows you to build and assemble content solutions tailored specifically to your business requirements. This means that you can easily add, remove, or modify elements as needed without starting from scratch or compromising on the quality of your digital experiences.

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“We have been working with Agility for just over two years. The easy-to-use platform provides the flexibility we need to easily create and publish content to all of our websites. Their excellent customer service team and online support library are great resources for our team to learn and grow with the Agility CMS platform.”
Andrea Di Tomas

Graphic Arts Technician

Take Your Content Game to the Next Level

Discover a CMS that’s simple to master and user-friendly, featuring advanced tools like Layout Management and top-tier SEO capabilities.

Low-code Content Creation and Management

Gain autonomy with our headless content platform's built-in layout management features. You can create, manage and organize pages using reusable blogs and sitemaps - all without relying on a developer. 

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Workflows that Work for You

Manage your content production seamlessly using Agility's built-in workflows and content scheduling. Share content previews with external users so that they can see what your content will look like before you publish. 

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Structure Your Content for Success

With Agility CMS' unique content-first approach, you can easily define your content structure and relationships – giving you the flexibility to reorder, reuse, and repurpose content efficiently across all of your digital channels.

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Woman at Cineplex watching movie on

Cineplex: Ultimate Performance, Scalability and Usability for Movie Theater Giant

"With Agility we can decouple content from code, allowing content editors to work on their updates while we focus on what really matters: making our platform better for our users." - Vinícius Philot, ...

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