SEO Benefits of Jamstack Technology

Improve your web vitals with Jamstack Tech

Sanaa Qureshi
Sanaa Qureshi
Sep 13, 2021
SEO benefits of Jamstack Technology with Agility CMS

What is SEO?

The method of getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine's organic rankings is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Creating high-quality content, optimizing content for unique keywords, and building backlinks are all common SEO tactics

The goal of SEO is to improve a site's ranking in the organic search results. It aims to get content in the top 5 slots on the first page; the search  result page accounts for 67.6% of all clicks. The main advantage of ranking in the top 5 for a keyword is the free traffic to your website monthly.

What is a Jamstack  Website?

Jamstack is a client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup-based modern web development architecture. Jamstack is a software architecture that aims to make the web more responsive, stable, and scalable. It builds on many of the resources and workflows that developers enjoy and which bring maximum productivity.

JavaScript: Dynamic functionalities are handled by javascript.

APIs: Develop a custom function or use third-party services, JavaScript accesses reusable APIs.

Markup: Websites are operated as static HTML files, so they are static. A static website generator, such as Gatsby or Next JS, can be used to create these.

Some examples of the websites built on Jamstack:

Components of Jamstack on

What are  Google web vitals?

Google's Web Vitals provide unified guidance for quality signals that are important in providing a great web experience. Over the years, Google has provided a range of tools for measuring and reporting performance. Some developers are experts at using these tools, while others have struggled to keep up with the complexity of both tools and metrics. It should not be necessary for website owners to be performance experts to provide good user experience.  

Good SEO leads to higher conversions with Agility

The Web Vitals project seeks to simplify the environment and assist sites in focusing on important metrics Core Web Vitals are the set of metrics that are related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. 

The subset of Web Vitals that apply to all websites should be assessed by all website managers, and will be surfaced across all Google tools is known as Core Web Vitals. Each of which represents a unique aspect of user and real-world experience with a vital user-centric outcome. Core Web Vitals provide metrics and goal thresholds for each metric, allowing developers to determine if their site's experience is good

How does JAMstack Technology with Google ranking?

Using a JAMstack website means having complete control over the website's content and layout, as well as its SEO. Custom metadata, such as page names, meta descriptions, and alt text, can be easily added. It aids search engines in reading and indexing a website's content.

Access to custom meta data on

A website based on JAMstack is made up of HTML files, which help in indexation and the resolving of common issues with improving search engine optimization. Remember that Google rewards high-performing and fast-loading websites with higher rankings in search results, which leads to more traffic and sales.

Technical SEO and Jamstack

Technical SEO is where Jamstack technology helps as it ensures a website has such technical characteristics, such as  a stable link, a responsive design, or a quick loading time.

A checklist of critical measures to ensure technological SEO is up to the mark can be found below. It will help to ensure that the site's security and structure meet the expectations of search engine algorithms, and that website is rewarded in search results as a result.

Ensure the website is mobile-friendly.

Meeting Google's mobile-first approach with Jamstack

A responsive website design changes automatically to allow for easy navigation and reading on any screen. Google makes it clear that having a responsive website is a major ranking factor for its algorithms. 

A responsive website is now more essential than ever before, thanks to Google's new mobile-first approach to indexing content. As a result, it's a good way to make sure that the website  is completely responsive and displays in the best possible way for smartphone, tablet, and desktop users.

Site Speed

Pages that load quickly are preferred by search engines, page speed is regarded as a significant ranking factor. There are several ways to speed up the site:

  • Use fast hosting.
  • Use a fast DNS provider.
  • Reduce the number of ‘HTTP requests' by limiting the use of scripts and plugins.
  • Instead of using multiple CSS stylesheets or inline CSS, use a single CSS stylesheet.
  • As much as possible, make image files as small as possible without being too pixelated.
  • Reduce the size of web pages, this can be done using a tool called GZIP.
  • Remove any unwanted spaces, line breaks, or indentation from  HTML, CSS, and Javascript code for this see Google's Minify Resources page for assistance.

Web Performance 

Maintain web performance with Jamstack on

The download and display speed of web pages on a user's web browser is referred to as web performance. The objective measurement of a website’s or application's performance, as well as the user's experience of it, is known as web performance.

With application acceleration, autoscaling, and highly efficient network traffic management, using an application delivery controller like the Avi Vantage Platform can lead to dramatic improvements in web performance. 

Web Performance  includes the following major areas:

  • Reducing overall load time:
  • As soon as possible, make the website usable:
  • Interactivity and Smoothness:
  • Performance measurements:

Web performance involves measuring an application's real and perceived speeds, optimizing where possible, and then tracking the performance to ensure that what has been optimized remains optimized. This requires the use of a variety of metrics as well as tools to track those metrics.

Jamstack for SEO Strategy 

Jamstack technology has an impactful benefit on the website structure with greater performance benefits like speed, security, scalability, serviceability, and more.

All the benefits of modern web development have promoted the digital industry wherein several buyers are now shopping online rather than visiting, same is the case with the individuals and businesses seeking services with a search online before visiting any office. This is the reason why SEO has great importance and you must focus on SEO while creating your website.

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