How Agility CMS Improves SEO for Gatsby and Next.js Sites

SEO Meta Fields & Script Embeds in a Gatsby/Next.js Site

Joshua Isaac
Joshua Isaac
Jan 18, 2021
SEO Meta Fields & Script Embeds in a Gatsby/Next.js Site

A big benefit to using static site generators such as Gatsby or Next.js is that they come with tools out of the box to help your site rank and perform better in search engines. These static site generators make your site extremely fast and efficient for search engine crawlers to crawl your site and index your pages. In addition, important SEO Meta Fields such as title, description, keywords, and other additional header markup are also important and provide further information to help describe your website, and rank better in search engines.

SEO In Agility CMS

Building a website that is optimized for search engines is a combined responsibility of both the developer building your website, your content architecture and your content editors. Agility CMS assists in this by providing some built-in fields as part of our Page Management to encourage developers to use these fields and for editors to have a consistent place to manage this.

SEO in Agility CMS

Page Title

This should represent the title HTML element that is outputted on your website. This is used for both Search Engines as well as displaying the title of the page in your web browser tab.

Page Name

This should represent the URL slug of the page which comprises part of the full URL for your page on your website. For example, if your Page Name is 'services' and it is a sub-page of 'about' then your full URL for your website would be: `/about/services`

Visible On Sitemap

This property should represent whether this page should be included in the website's sitemap (sitemap.xml) file reported to search engines. Developers may also interpret this property to determine whether the page should allow robots to crawl it. In general, if this property is checked, the page should be visible in the sitemap and be crawlable by search engines. If unchecked, the page should disallow search engines from crawling it.

Meta Description

This property should represent the meta description used in the HTML page output. This is used by search engines to learn more about your page, and they often use this in their search results. This is a plain text field and should not include any HTML. The assumption is that the website will output this as a properly formatted meta tag.

Meta Keywords

This property should represent the meta keywords used in the HTML page output. This is a plain text field and should not include any HTML. The assumption is that the website will output this as a properly formatted meta tag.

Additional Header Markup

This property is designed to allow editors to add additional HTML meta tags or scripts that should appear in the <head> of the HTML document. It should accept and output raw HTML.

SEO Component

Both the Agility Gatsby & Next.js starters are React-based, and come equipped with an SEO component, which can be used to take advantage of the built-in SEO fields and output them into the <head>  section of your website.


SEO in Agility CMS

HTML Output:

HTML output

Scripts & Embeds

In addition to Agility's SEO Meta Field management, Scripts can also be added to the <head> or within the <body> of a website. Unfortunately, When using Gatsby or Next.js, it isn't possible to parse the scripts into your website as react-dom ignores script elements.

However, it is possible to create scripts on the fly when working with things such as embeds. The following example show's how a script was created and used to add a Twitter embed into the Agility blog:


Meta field management


Final Thoughts

To conclude, SEO is crucial for any website. While a great deal of SEO is found within the content that you see in the output of your site, a great deal of it is also found within the meta tags in the <head> section of your pages. The relevant fields for SEO that can be managed within Agility CMS are highly recommended to use when and where possible.

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