User Generated Content

Your customers are out there.

Give them a voice.

User Generated Content

Let Your Users Reach You

Agility enables you to easily create online form submissions, add comments to items, and collect feedback on your website.

You can create an online forum, add likes and ratings, or simply provide a place where your users can leave you a message.

UGC Workflow

It's All About The Workflow

UGC approval workflow is built-in, with an easy birds-eye view of the newest content coming in from your users.  You can easily publish, decline, or review any content before it makes it's way back to the website.

With Agility filter system, you can also have any piece of content marked as spam or abuse.  

Setup alerts to get notified when new content comes in that needs to be reviewed.

Agility Content Delivery Network

A Place To Connect With You

The Agility Form Builder module allows you to easily create online forms that are submitted to UGC.  You can also receive these forms to an email address, or route them to other online services with a WebHook.

Zip Uploads

Registered Users Are More Loyal

The Website Users section of Agility keeps track of all your registered users.  Allow folks to sign-in to securely so they can keep coming back. 

Keep track of their communications opt-in settings so you can reach out to them, too.