Media & Documents

All your files, together at last.

Delivered instantly, worldwide.

Media and Documents Section

Everything in One Place

Keep all of your static website files in a central repository.

Create folders to organize files how you need them.  Add security to folders to make sure your team only sees what they need to see.

Agility lets you store any file type that works on the web, from image files such as jpg, png, gif or svg, to pdf documents, videos and more.

Image Editor

Easily Edit Your Images

Using the built-in image editor, you can easily crop, resize, add filters, text overlay, and more to any image in your repository.

We also allow you to crop and thumbnail any image using its URL - just check out the different versions of this image:

Agility Content Delivery Network

Fast file delivery, across the planet

Agility delivers all your files using a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

That means images, documents, and resources are downloaded from a location that's close to where your customers, which works much faster than other file storage mechanisms.

Zip Uploads

Zip! Zap! Uploaded!

If you need to get lots of files uploaded quickly, just use our "Upload Zip" file action and Agility will queue up everything for you, even keeping the folder structure intact.

Easily upload hundreds of files with a single click.