Agility Ecommerce

Provide users with a seamless shopping experience and access extensive reporting options


Manage all your Ecommerce initiatives from one place

With Agility you can create completely customizable online storefronts based on your unique needs.

Our platform securely integrates with your payment, shipping and CRM providers of choice so that you can manage all your Ecommerce properties from one place and ensure a 100% seamless sales and delivery process.

The Agility platform allows you to intuitively manage the purchase process, from order creation to shipment.

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Enhance your customers’ purchasing experience

Our platform allows you to create product pages tailored to the needs of your customers, with no design constraints whatsoever.

Product pages can easily be populated with website content and include as much detail as necessary, such as product variants.

You can now also include personalized content, such as related products, through product categorization, content tags and persona mapping.

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Reach visitors through multiple channels

It’s important that your customers are able to make purchases through their channel of choice, so we are here to ensure that their user experience is smooth and consistent across all of them.

Whether desktop, mobile, POS or kiosk, your customers will have a friendly user experience that allows them to make a purchase without any hiccups. This way, you can ensure you don’t miss out on any sales or revenue.

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Leverage data and insights to improve your sales strategy

Reporting is paramount to your Ecommerce strategy, so we have built a platform that provides our customers with multiple reporting options, including custom reports.

Track your orders by time, product, referrer source, promotion, customer or geographical location. Specific order and customer tracking will also give you unique insight into individual customers. 

We also provide abandoned order reporting to allow you to offer special deals to indecisive customers, as well as unlimited special promotion generation and tracking.

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Scale up whenever needed

Never miss out on sales or revenue due to website downtime; Agility sites are fast-loading and high-performing regardless of the number of integrations.

Our load-balanced hosting in Azure with SLA 99.95% provides the support needed during traffic fluctuations, such as auto-scaling capabilities and additional cloud resources. 

We also provide customized hosting options depending on your unique needs.

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We’ll be with you every step of the way

At Agility we believe in being there for our customers throughout their entire customer cycle.

Our in-house full-service team is always available for support and we provide customized support packages and ongoing training sessions, dependent on your requirements.

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Agility’s Ecommerce solution has enabled our team to easily manage our products online. Being able to manage everything centrally from Agility without needing to integrate with a 3rd party Ecommerce platform has ensured efficiency and consistency in our design. We no longer have to worry about our site crashing during high-traffic periods as Agility is able to provide auto-scaling capabilities and additional cloud resources.

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