Webinar: Why Headless Will Destroy the Traditional CMS - Oct 15th
Webinar: Why Headless Will Destroy the Traditional CMS - Oct 15thREGISTER

We understand you just need to get more things done!

What if you could move faster, easier and with less stress?

That is the promise of Agility. There is no system out there as fast to build on, manage on or deploy on. We've focused on ways to make you more efficient and prevent limitations so you don't hear (or say) "that can't be done".

Now, get out there and get more done!


Be faster at everything you do.

We used to be an agency and rolled out hundred of projects. Learn how Agility helps you be quicker and do things easier.

Faster to:

Whether you are rolling out a large solution or just need to work on a small component, Agility gives you the power to get started right away.

  • Spin up an instance immediately.

  • Use the free account for now and decide later what you need exactly, allowing you to upgrade when you're ready.

  • Instances include both a staging and production environment.

  • Add features as you need them over time to get started with a small solution and build from there.

  • Use your own hosting or talk to us about our quick cloud hosting options.  Save time by doing it your way or letting us do it for you.

  • Headless speed with built-in components to help you move faster.  Page management, Ecommerce, ticketing, and search are all built-in features you can turn on and take advantage of instantly.

  • Use the system you already have, since Agility doesn't force you to use anything, you can use parts of your current setup or use completely separate systems and just integrate.  Agility can even be used to just manage 'part' of your solution so you can move fast and quick to get your solution out.

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Get your developers building right away. No proprietary languages and no limitations for them.

  • Use a content-first approach to set up your content, this allows you to extend and reuse your content faster and easier in different ways.

  • Set up fields, entries and relationships in whatever way makes the most sense for your project.

  • Use built-in components like Ecommerce, ticketing, search or use the platform of choice that you already have.

  • Use our headless or decoupled sync architecture.  You choose.

  • Develop in ANY programming language, using any framework.

  • Use the open APIs and webhooks to integrate easily with any platform.

  • No design limitations, build any frontend you wish.

  • Using the headless approach, you can build any type of solution.  Website, applications, IoT, e-commerce, POS, AR, VR, and many more.

Once you're running, move fast to iterate and improve. Always make sure everyone is managing their content efficiently.

  • Setup proper access for distributed teams and ensure workflows are optimized for approvals and publishing.

  • Manage campaigns and iteration rollouts using 'batches' to group changes together.

  • Built-in localization functionality helps speed managing regions, languages and timezones.  

  • Agility gives you the ability to set up the interfaces to the skillset of your users.  Optimized to the skillset of your users.

  • Use the built-in share functionality to share content previews to users without Agility access. 

  • Auto-populating of fields, similar interface elements throughout and new releases help us continually improve the system for editors.

  • Editor support packages to keep your team moving forward as fast as possible.  Get help on time, every time.

Agility allows for unlimited scalable options, build the fastest performing solution and create an amazing experience for your customers.

  • Decoupled or headless architecture means the performance is not bottlenecked by the CMS.

  • Choose ANY hosting provider you want, giving you the control.  Agility also provides cloud hosting to simply a complete solution.

  • Compatible with ANY number of servers of hosting providers giving you unlimited options for scalability.

  • High-performance CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure all content files are delivered as quickly as possible throughout the world.

  • Built-in caching layers for select SDK packages and where these don't exist, you can build your own layers easily.

By moving faster you are able to learn quickly and get things out the door faster. This all results in more conversions and a better experience for your customers.

  • Iterate faster and get each iteration out the door quickly.

  • Learn and grow more from each iteration.

  • Not limited to try new things, therefore trying new things that competitors might not have the ability or access to.

  • With unlimited creative freedom, build the user experience you want.

  • With the ability to use any channel and multiple channels, create better omni-channel solutions.  Connect with your customers, no matter where they are and convert more with each touchpoint.

  • Beat your competitors to market.

  • Move onto the next project quicker and create more campaigns giving you extra time to actually vet each campaign and focus on the best-performing ones.

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Agility can be either a small part or a large part of any solution

Pick the built in components you need to roll out your solution quicker.

Agility uses a headless/decoupled architecture and allows you to pick the components you want to work with. If you already have your own components, then why not continue using those and integrate them seamlessly with Agility. We realize every solution is different and you need the option to use what is best for your situation. Build faster by using what you already have or take advantage of the speed of building when we have all these components in a single headless solution.

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Development Options

Choose which framework, hosting setup and DevOps structure you want, including JAMstack.

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