Searching Content at Scale

It's important that your end users of your website or app can find the content they are looking for.

You can search pages content from Agility CMS fairly easily using the Content Fetch API - enough to build a rudimentary search experience.

However, if you have large amounts of content and pages to query, or even external entities you want to query against, you'll find that more robust search implementation is required.

Using a Search Index

To solve the problem of querying large datasets, you'll need to implement a search index. A search index will store your content in an optimal way for it to be searched. While you can implement your own search index, we recommend using a third-party search provider who takes care of all this work for you.

Search Providers

You can use ANY search provider with Agility CMS. Looking for an example of how to integrate search into your solution? 

Using Algolia and Agility CMS