Initialize a Layout in Another Locale

Agility allows you to manage multiple languages for your website and easily toggle between them from the language drop-down in the top-left of your Layouts and Content dashboards. 

To initialize a Layout in another language that references the original page

1. Select the Layout you wish to initialize in another language

2. Using the Locale Selector, select the local you wish to Initialize the Layout in.

3. You will be asked to Initialize your Layout

4. Click + Initialize this Layour and allow it a moment to complete

Your Components will now say New as they have nto yet been initialized which we'll do in the next step!

To Initialize your Component Models

Simply click on the component you would like to initialize, you will be prompted with a message.

Initialize from another Locale

Initializing the Component from another locale will copy the over the content in from the specified Locale.

Initialize from Default Values

Initializing from Default Values will give you a blank slate to enter new content.


Deleting a Component within a page that has been initialized from another locale will delete the Component across ALL locales. We highly suggest un-publishing a Component before deleting them.