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By Cristina Ferrandez Aug 4, 2017

A Guide To Setting Up CMS Integrations With APIs

Different CMS platforms come with different ways of setting up and configuring system integrations.

By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 31, 2017

Why Multi-Tenant CMS Platforms Are the Future of Content Management

CMS platforms are strongly trending towards multitenancy, which will become one of their defining characteristics in the near future.
By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 31, 2017

The Top 4 Benefits of Having a Streamlined And Efficient CMS

Learn what the real benefits of a streamlined and efficient content management system are and how it can affect a website’s bottom line.
By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 28, 2017

Headless vs. Traditional CMS: Which is Best For Your Business?

The key to making the right decision in terms of the best CMS to go with will require you to keep a number of essential things in mind.
By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 21, 2017

The Top Three SEO Considerations When Rebuilding a Website

If you get these points right, your Google placement will likely rise over time and you will gain both more traffic and more clients.
By Jonathan Voigt Jul 18, 2017

Wow, Agility is 15 Years Old!

As Agility turns 15, we look back at our journey and transformation through time.

By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 13, 2017

How To Increase Your Online Sales Without a Massive Marketing Budget

What are some ways to increase online sales without having to put in the additional dollar value?

By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 11, 2017

The Top 8 Ecommerce Errors That Could Be Slowing Down Your Online Sales

If you are looking for new ways to increase your online sales, you might first want to look at your website.
By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 11, 2017

Why Your CMS Should Allow You To Make Instant Content Updates

A rundown of the benefits of instant content updates, as well as the key things you should look out for when researching a CMS platform.

By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 11, 2017

Open Source CMS: The Benefits and the Risks

Open source CMS platforms are very popular nowadays, mainly due to the perception that they are affordable and flexible. However, whether you should opt for an...
By Jonathan Voigt May 5, 2017

Why Your CMS Should Be the Central Hub of Your Digital Experience

Find out how a central hub cms can help you manage your system integrations better and more easily push out content to your digital channels.

By Cristina Ferrandez Apr 28, 2017

CMS Connected on Agility's "Central Hub" Approach to Content Management

Our CEO Jon Voigt recently talked to Laura Myers at CMS Connected about the benefits of our "central hub" approach to content management.