True Cloud

By Joel Varty May 18, 2018

Deciding Between Headless, Traditional and Hybrid CMS Platforms

Let us help you make the right choice between Traditional, Headless, and Hybrid CMS Platforms.  We define the terms, give examples, and provide ratings to help you decide what's best for your business.

By Joel Varty May 18, 2018

Why Multi-Tenant SaaS Software Helps Your Business Grow

One of the ways to look at why businesses succeed or fail is to think about the things that hold us back, but there is another way to look at it.

By Joel Varty May 18, 2018

Why a True Cloud CMS Is Important to Your Business

There are 2 ways to look at technology.  You can think about hardware, and you can think about the software.  Folks usually start at hardware - with things we can touch and feel: gadgets, cellphones, laptops, gear.  We just love stuff.  When we think about the web, however, and how the internet is powered, we start looking at bigger stuff - like servers, racks, switches, cables.  I can feel my blood pressure starting to cook already.

By Joel Varty May 15, 2018

How do I Explain Cloud Software?

I like to explain things with stories.  Let me tell you a story that explains what Cloud Software is.  A young man is walking home from school and sees a fruit stand in the distance.  He finds that he's hungry and decides to buy an apple.  As he's eating his apple, he passes another man who says to him, "Son, you need to stop buying apples, and plant this little tree..."

By Joel Varty May 9, 2018

Agility’s Award Winning Cloud CMS Rockets Forward By Becoming A Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud Partner

Agility is now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for demonstrating best-in-class capability with the Agility Customer Experience Cloud CMS.

By Stephen Medve, CMS Connected Mar 2, 2018

Cloud Technologies Save You Time, Money & Resource

With companies such as Agility CMS having been built from the ground up as a Cloud platform, these True cloud-based solutions are no longer being looked at as a fringe approach to the market, as there is now a true monetary return to using this approach.

By Marla Hurov Jan 29, 2018

Traditional, Headless, or Hybrid Cloud CMS: Which Content Management Solution is Right for You?

In a world with an ever-increasing number of customer touchpoints and business technologies, the ability to share content, assets and data across channels is exactly how a CMS should work. But which CMS is the best fit for your company's success?

By Marla Hurov Dec 19, 2017

5 Reasons to Future-Proof Your CMS with True Cloud

As we head into 2018, it’s prime time to think about the savviest technology choices for your business. When it comes to a content management system, you...
By Cristina Ferrandez Aug 4, 2017

The Drawbacks of Drupal and WordPress as a CMS

Some of the possible drawbacks associated with Drupal and Wordpress

By Cristina Ferrandez Aug 4, 2017

A Guide To Setting Up CMS Integrations With APIs

Different CMS platforms come with different ways of setting up and configuring system integrations.

By Cristina Ferrandez Jul 31, 2017

Why Multi-Tenant CMS Platforms Are the Future of Content Management

CMS platforms are strongly trending towards multitenancy, which will become one of their defining characteristics in the near future.