Enterprise CMS Security

Only the best authentication will do

Agility CMS uses the leading platform Auth0 to ensure our entire authentication layer is standards-based and compliant with the latest certifications.

Standards based security

We use OAuth 2.0, the de facto industry standard for providing consented access and restricting what actions users can take.

Attack Protection

Agility CMS provides brute force protection and suspicious IP throttling out of the box.

Authentication Layer Certifications

Using Microsoft Azure and Auth0, our infrastructure is compliant with SOC 2, ISO27001, ISO27018, Gold CSA Star, and more!

Access Management

Take control over how content managers access their content.  From Single Sign-On to role-based access, from a granular level, you can control who has access to what content.

RBAC (Roll Based Access Control)

Control access to specific content using the built-in roles or use custom roles to fine tune specific permissions. 

Enterprise Grade Single Sign-On

Take your security to the next level and use Single Sign-On to integrate Agility CMS with your own security provider.

Multi Factor Authentication

Enforce Multi Factor Authentication across your organization to ensure your users have double the protection.

Data security that is always up to date

Not only are we secure today, but we're constantly updating our platform so that we're always compliant with the latest security standards.

We use Microsoft Azure

We use Microsoft Azure as the backbone of our global deployment. With the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud service provider, you know you can trust our cloud.

Always Up to Date

Agility was built around the concept of continuous improvement. Our advanced DevOps pipelines enable us to update the system continuously, staying on top of our customers' needs and any security threats.

Decoupled is more secure

Being a Headless CMS, Agility is decoupled from front-end applications. This reduces the chase of a security breach through the front-end application. It also allows us to apply security patches to the backend anytime.

Agility CMS SOC 2 Type II Compliance, providing enterprise-level security for customers’ data

Agility CMS SOC 2 Type II Compliance

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Scotiabank: Delivering Exceptional and Secure Content Experience

Agility CMS allows Scotiabank to maintain consistent content infrastructure and high security performance across numerous international locations and lines of business.

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"Each of the six countries in Scotiabank's Latin America portfolio is able to independently manage the content on their websites. Further, they are able to authenticate to Agility CMS using their Scotiabank corporate credentials via their existing Azure Active Directory login page."

Joel Varty

CTO, Agility CMS

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Agility CMS is Named a Leader in G2 Grid Summer 2021 Report!

Agility CMS is a leader in Headless CMS on G2

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We take security seriously. We spend countless hours focused on ensuring we provide the most secure environment. If you have questions to put your mind at ease, don't hesitate to reach out.

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