Webinar: The Future of CMS. A Faster Mindset.

The future of CMS is Content-first, Cloud-based, and Headless.

Joel Varty
Joel Varty
May 9, 2020

Is your digital content out of control?

The cost of your website keeps going up while the site keeps getting slower?

Your branded content is out of sync across all your apps, websites, social media, and marketing channels?

The future of CMS is Content-first, Cloud-based, and Headless.

 A "stack" based approach to digital tools, including Headless CMS CMS, is now widely adopted. How we design our Content Networks is more critical than ever before.

Watch this recording of  this in-depth discussion from MAY 7 2020  between Joel Varty (President), Jon Voigt (CEO) and James Vidler (VP Product).

"Think about your Content first. Technology
will change in no time. Even if you are not using
multichannel right now, make sure you can do it
in 3 months from now. Take care of your
backend first and ensure your frontend can
pivot and evolve easily".
Jon Voigt


  1. How a Content First approach can help you grow your online presence
  2. How to build a future-proofed Content Network
  3. How Headless CMS can revolutionize the way we work with digital content


  1. Time to optimize your online presence is NOW
  2. It is time to optimize ROI and reduce the costs of your content management
  3. The online audience is more demanding than ever. Your brand needs to keep up


  1. Digital Leaders
  2. Digital Marketing Strategists
  3. Anyone leading Business Growth and Digital Transformation

This is the first webinar in the series of Digital Leadership Webinars by Agility CMS.

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