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Developer Training: JAMstack 101 with Gatsby and Agility CMS

Jun 3rd, 20206:00pm

Get started with Headless CMS and JAMstack with two great tools that work great together.

CONTENT BEFORE DESIGN: Why Your Digital Transformation Needs to Go Content-First in 2020

Jun 4th, 20204:00pm

The world needs useful, accessible content across all digital channels. And brands need tools to be able to supply that content efficiently and beautifully.  In this webinar, Joel Varty and his guests will deep dive into why your Digital Transformation should be Content-First in 2020.

NODE MIDDLEWARE: How to Use Node Middleware With a Headless CMS in 2020

Jun 18th, 20204:00pm

How does Node JS middleware work? How to use it with a Headless CMS? Join this online workshop and upskill yourself for 2020 and beyond!

EXTENDING THE CMS UI: how to improve the content management user interface in 2020

Jul 2nd, 20204:00pm

In this practical developer workshop we will learn step-by-step how to improve the content management user interface in 2020.

GIVE LOVE TO YOUR EX: Page Management and Other Tricks for Unparallel Editor Experience Using Headless CMS + Gatsby

Jul 16th, 20204:00pm

This developer-focused webinar will give you tools for building amazing websites that empower your marketing team.

NEVER REBUILD YOUR WEBSITE: Why You Should Not Rebuild Your Website From Scratch in 2020

Jul 30th, 20204:00pm

Evolution vs Revolution. At Agility CMS, our top goal is to help customers so that they never have to rebuild their website from scratch ever again.

PROPER CONTENT ARCHITECTURE: Why You Cannot Sustain Without It In 2020

Aug 13th, 20204:00pm

When content architecture is designed well, it can sustain years and years of design changes saving time and money for your brand. But how to do it right?

AGILITY CMS + NEXT JS: How To Use A Headless CMS with Static Site Generators in 2020

Aug 27th, 20204:00pm

In this practical developer workshop we will learn step-by-step how to how to use a Headless CMS with a Static Site Generator.

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