Feb 7, 2022

React CMS Solutions: CTO and Digital Leader's Guide

Discover why Agility CMS uses React

React CMS Solutions

React allows developers to build optimized user interfaces that can be quickly changed and tested, all without having to write a lot of code.

The framework organizes HTML elements into components, generating HTML for the application it consumes. This is done in an intuitive way so that it can be integrated with a static site generator or built into single-page applications.

Many people love to write React because of its ability to create reusable components. React components render something called JSX, which is an HTML-like syntax that allows JavaScript to coexist with this HTML-like code.

What's in this Ebook?

  • What is React and how does it benefit Enterprises?
  • How React improves digital experiences
  • Why Headless CMS is used with React 
  • Why do we suggest using Gatsby with React?
  • The most agile React CMS solution 




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