SAML Identity Provider Integration

Agility supports Single Sign On with any authentication provider who adheres to the SAML protocol.

This guide is intended for IT administrators who need to configure Single Sign on with Agility using the SAML protocol.

If you would like to setup Single Sign On, please contact your customer success representative or email

Enabling Single Sign-On

To enable SSO, we'll need the following information from you:

  1. The SAML sign in URL from your IdP - this is needed so that we redirect authentication requests to you
  2. The SAML log out URL from your IdP
  3. The Signing Certificate from your IdP - this is required to communicate with you
  4. Do you intend to initiate a Sign in to Agility from your IdP application (also referred to as "Idp-Initiated SSO")?
  5. Which email domain(s) do you want to enable this for?

Configuring Your IdP

Here's what you will need to configure in your IdP:

  1. Set the post-back URL (also referred to as "Assertion Consumer Service URL") to the value that we provide you. For example, if the named connection is "FooBar123" then your post-back URL will be
  2. Set the Entity ID to urn:auth0:agilitycms:FooBar123 (where FoorBar123 is the name of the connection)

Since there is some setup required by both parties, we'll walk you through the process and help you test and validate the connection.