Content Management API

The Content Management API allows you to programmatically update content, upload media, manage URL Redirections and Webhooks, and more.

It is often used for content imports and integrations where automated operations must be supported outside of the CMS.


The Content Management API supports the following methods:

  • Approve Content - Approves the given content item
  • Decline Content - Declines the given content item
  • Delete Content - Deletes the given content item
  • Publish Content - Publishes the given content item
  • Request Approval - Requests approval for the given content item
  • Save Content Item - Creates or updates a given content item
  • Unpublish Content - Unpublishes the given content item
  • Get Media ID - Retrieves the ID of an asset based on the given path
  • Upload Media - Uploads an asset to the given path
  • Delete URL Redirection - Deletes the given URL Redirection
  • Save URL Redirection - Creates or Updates the given URL Redirection
  • Save URL Redirection Test - Saves the result of a tested URL Redirection
  • Delete Webhook - Deletes the given Webhook
  • Save Webhook - Creates or Updates the given Webhook

Use Cases

The Content Management API is meant to be used when you need to perform actions that cannot otherwise be reasonably done within Agility CMS.

  • Customized content workflows and approvals
  • You have a large batch of content to import programmatically
  • You need to keep some Agility content in-sync with another data source
  • You need to import assets programmatically from another system
  • Integrations where your content must be manipulated outside of Agility

Beware of Versioning

Every update to content creates a version of content. If you are attempting to keep Agility content in-sync with another data source, be sure to add logic that prevents you updating content in the CMS if the content has not changed. Failure to do so can result in redundant versions being created which can impact your plan's recommended performance tier.

Using the Content Management API

The Content Management API and its documentation is accessible via our Content Management JS SDK or our .NET Framework Agility.Web SDK.

Supported Platforms

Agility only officially supports using the Content Management API with our JS SDK or our Agility.Web .NET SDK. REST API documentation is coming soon.

Example CLI App

To get started using the Content Management API, take a look at a reference CLI app which is good place to start if your looking at using the API for imports or in other offline processes.