Custom Apps allow you to extend the CMS UI and build your own integrations that your editors can use. An app could be designed to interface Agility with an external system or simplify some business processes.

Use Cases

You have full control over what your Custom Apps do. These can range from simple, customized input fields, to full UI integrations with other platforms such as Digital Asset Managers (DAM).

  • Integrate with a Digital Asset Manager to allow editors to search and select external assets.
  • Enhance the editor experience by providing custom input methods such as a Block Editor, Markdown, or Color Picker field.
  • Integrate with a third-party/internal API to allow editors to search and select external entities.
  • Pull-in external data such as analytics and display it on a content item.

What is in a Custom App?

At this time, Custom Apps are limited to providing one or more Custom Fields which can then be added your Content Models or Page Modules.

Custom Apps will be extended in the near future to allow Sidebar widgets on Pages and Content.

Custom App URL

Your Custom App must be hosted on a publicly accessible URL. When you install the app, Agility will ask what URL it is located on.

Custom Parameters

Your Custom App will define optional parameters that are set when you install the app. In the simplest form, this could be turning off or on some settings, or entering an API key so that your app can authenticate with an external service.

Installation Parameters

The parameters that are set at the time of installation. This could be setting some API keys so that your app can authenticate with an external service. The parameters will be available to all custom fields the app has defined.

Build your own Custom App

Agility provides a robust yet easy-to-use SDK to help developers build Custom App for your users. With it, you can easily integrate Agility with any system.


Some features of the Custom Apps SDK include:

  • Build custom UI's that can be shown in Agility CMS
  • Secure iFrame communication between the CMS and your app
  • Ability to define one or more custom fields and flyout actions
  • Supports modern frameworks such as React or Vue, as well as support for building Vanilla javascript apps
  • Support for additional UI components (such as Sidebar Apps) are coming soon!

How it Works

The App SDK facilitates a communication layer between Agility CMS and a single-page app that will be loaded in an iFrame. Using the SDK allows you to easily integrate with the CMS using JavaScript.

At this time, only Custom Fields and Flyouts are supported, however there are plans to introduce new UI locations such as Sidebar components.


We've put together a couple of example Apps to help you get started:

To learn more about Agility CMS Custom Apps, checkout our documentation on Github.