Where Agility is Headed in 2019

By Joel Varty Feb 27, 2019
Agility Roadmap 2019

The Future is Headless

We believe that the Headless, decoupled approach is the future of Digital Content Management. In the last few months, we've introduced Agility.Web for ASP.Net Core, which brings huge performance improvements and fits into the ongoing roadmap which Microsoft has laid out for its web stack.

Moving forward, however, we will be providing RESTful Open API support for all modern web languages, starting with Javascript. This is part of our Headless strategy and allows for a much more standardized approach to accessing your Agility content from any modern language.

What's most exciting about this approach is that it's built upon the structures that have already been defined and proven in the Agility Content Architecture system. For those customers and partners who are currently working with Agility, accessing their content with the new API will be a snap! For new customers, the onboarding process will be easier than ever before.

Agility is different from most other Headless CMS platforms in that it allows you to define a sitemap with pages and content zones. After all, most digital strategies start with some kind of website; providing your editors with the ability to easily find and manage content, as well as giving them the ability to control the routing and placement of content on those pages, is extremely powerful.

We will also be introducing a new consumption-based licensing model that starts small and allows you to scale all the way up to an Enterprise package with our strongest SLA without having to rebuild or rearchitect anything with your content. In addition, account administrators will be able to adjust their subscription, add new instances, and perform all billing tasks in a self-serve model. Of course, our support and account management staff will still be able to help you if you need it, but you'll be able to have much more control over your own account moving forward.

Agility Roadmap - 2019

April – Alpha Preview

  • Content REST Open API
  • Javascript SDK for Content
  • Sample Javascript website based on React

Q2 – Beta Preview

  • Content REST Open API
  • Javascript SDK for Content
  • Self-serve registration, billing and subscription management

Q3 – General Availability

  • Content REST Open API
  • Javascript SDK for Content
  • New consumption based license model