Build Faster, More Responsive Content with Agility’s Headless CMS Platform

Agility is the fastest CMS platform on the market. With a headless design and built-in page management system, it’s easy to create, manage, and deliver content to any front end. 

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Global Brands Trust Agility CMS to Deliver Seamless Digital Experiences

  • McKesson
  • Conestoga College
  • Culvers
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Cineplex
  • Scene

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"The Agility team is knowledgeable and works diligently to ensure the success of its clients. The platform is flexible and powerful enough for all of our projects while remaining approachable for a range of non-technical staff."
Craig Cameron

Craig Cameron

Director, Web and Digital Properties at Hockey Canada
Hockey Canada
The Fastest Headless CMS - Agility CMS

Build Fast, Professional Websites in No Time

Speed is important. You need a headless CMS platform that makes it fast and easy to launch responsive, user-friendly experiences that make it a breeze for visitors to view and interact with your content. Agility CMS guarantees your business:

  • Rapid page loading.

    Our powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures unbeatable availability and page load times.
  • Fast, flexible development.

    Agility CMS allows developers to use their favorite coding languages and technologies while cutting deployment times by up to 95%.
  • Get up and running quickly.

    Built-in modules for content editing and page management make building websites faster than ever.
Built for Developers and Editors - Agility CMS

Built for Developers and Editors

Most CMS platforms are built with either developers or editors in mind. Your business needs a headless CMS that supports the needs of both. Agility CMS was designed from the ground-up to help developers and editors work together to build fast, user-friendly websites.

  • Code in your favourite language.

    Agility CMS allows developers to work with their favourite languages, frameworks, and technologies.
  • Make changes without coding.

    Ours is the only headless CMS platform with a built-in page management module, making it easy for non-technical editors to add and maintain
  • Launch websites faster.

    Ready-made site templates in Gatsby and Nextjs make it easy to launch fast websites.

Simple Integration with Your Favorite Technologies

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Built for Business

Agility CMS was built to serve the needs of modern businesses — from enterprises to startups.

To find out what the fastest headless CMS can do for your business, book a free demo today.

  • Build Responsive, User-Friendly Content.

    Strong UX is critical to the success of your business. Agility CMS helps you build great websites faster than any other platform.
  • Power Collaboration.

    Built-in page management modules and unmatched developer tools make Agility CMS easy to use for everybody.
  • Enterprise Ready.

    With a suite of full-service support and training options available, we make building customer experiences fast, easy, and rewarding.

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We will never share your email without your permission.
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