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Agility is a Headless CMS. Get started immediately and build your solution on your own terms.

  • Agility has APIs for everything. Use the REST API or our sync SDK (or both) to interact with your content.

  • Code it your way. We don't dictate how your content is presented. Use one of our starter templates to bootstrap development, or use your own.

  • Want to build a server-rendered website, single-page-application, or statically generated websites? Yep, we support that too.

  • Mix and match the features you need, from web content management to user-generated content, Ecommerce, and ticketing.

  • Database?! What database? Agility hosts and completely abstracts away your database so you never have to worry about maintenance, backups, or connection strings ever again.
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We believe in a content first approach. Configure your CMS instance to suit your needs. Not the other way around.

  • Built-in page management allows you to intuitively build out your website tree.

  • Set up fields, entries, and relationships to build your bespoke content schema.

  • Set up one or many regions/locales for your content.

  • Implement built-in content workflows or use webhooks and custom logic to create your own.

  • Configurable rich authoring experience. Adjust the interface to the skillset of your team.

  • Plan personalized content needs.

  • Integrate with anything! With custom fields, webhooks and REST APIs, you have the tools to work with any third-party system.
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You shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel for each of your projects. Finally, a Headless CMS that can take care of traditional features for you, but gets out the way when you need it.

  • Take advantage of the built-in page management, routing, and rendering framework to kickstart your project or roll your own.

  • Content preview is enabled out-of-the-box.

  • URL Redirection management within the CMS.

  • Create website forms and capture submissions without writing any code, and ability to use webhooks for complex integrations.

  • Build your project your way, in whatever platform or programming language. No speed limits.

  • Get support when you need it, whether it's by chat, our forum, or email. We are always here to help!
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We don't dictate how or where to deploy your project. Agility will fit perfectly into your DevOps.

  • You can host and deploy your projects anywhere.

  • Compatible with any DevOps pipeline.

  • Need to know when content has been updated? We have webhooks for that.

  • Agility works with static site generators and we are working towards providing native plugins for Gatsby, VuePress, Gridsome, and Jekyll.

Agility can be either a small or large part of any solution

Choose your Components

Because we are Headless, Agility allows you to pick the components you want to work with. It can also integrate seamlessly with existing systems. 

Try Agility

Content Management

Flexible content structures for all your digital channels

Page Management

Manage pages and navigation right out of the box


Sell products or tickets from any platform with a seamless shopping experience


Built-in ticket sales, management and redemption to increase attendance


Help your audience find what they want and increase conversions

Developer Components

Choose which framework, hosting setup and DevOps structure you want.

Listen to the experiences of these developers

Join our developer community and see what all the fuss is about.

Arjuna Shankar

Arjuna Shankar

Director of Technology at Dotfusion

"Dotfusion uses Agility CMS to develop new solutions with speed as we can minimize the amount of .NET code and pay more attention to the front end and how the site is experienced by our users."

Dennis Allio

Dennis Allio

Workstate Partner

“Agility is a modern CMS built around some of the best practices for customer and developer experiences. It is a truly modern CMS built for the Azure cloud. For Agility customers, its SaaS-based model frees customers from the traditional model of paying for new features and upgrades while delivering highly customizable customer experiences. Agility is a modern, headless CMS architecture built with state-of-the-art cloud techniques that our developers love.”

Kent Bejcek

Kent Bejcek

President & CEO at Squarei Technologies

"We have chosen to work with Agility CMS to deliver on our brand promise, delivering a technology strategy with solutions that are not only on time and on budget, but intuitive and easy to use. More importantly, Agility CMS has been a game changer for our customers that manage a lot of content."

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