Enterprise Jamstack Solutions on Agility CMS

Quick Development and Fast Performance

Jamstack sites are super-fast, pre-rendered sites that are incredibly quick to develop. With improved SEO and a focus on the front-end experience, they help you improve conversions.

Faster to Market

Using only front-end frameworks and a streamlined development pipeline, Jamstack solutions are quicker to create and deploy.


Jamstack solutions are pre-built and deployed directly to a CDN. No more webservers to slow down your application!

Optimized Output and SEO

Jamstack frameworks from NextJS and Gatsby optimize your CSS, Javascript, images, and more. Time for some amazing Google PageSpeed results!

Unlimited Scalability

With Jamstack solutions deployed directly to a CDN, your customers will feel like you've put your solution directly on their device.

Global Deployments

Jamstack solutions are meant for global deployments, using CDN's for reduced latency and unlimited scalability.

No webservers or databases

Jamstack allows you to bypass both web servers and databases, both components that are often at the heart of performance issues.

Significant Cost Savings

As your solution scales, your costs stay low. Jamstack solutions scale by using more CDN bandwidth, a fraction of the cost of web servers and other hardware.

Jamstack is more secure

By serving pre-rendered static HTML, Jamstack removes any potential connection to web application servers or database servers. It’s hard to get any more secure than that.

No web server

Hackers focus on web servers that are susceptible to attacks and viruses. By removing the web servers, you remove the risk.

Independently Secure

Jamstack solutions are deployed separately from your CMS, eliminating the chance someone can hack your CMS through your website and vice versa.

Global CDN Networks

CDN's are more secure because your content is distributed globally, created no single point of failure.

Cineplex Logo on agilitycms.com

Cineplex: Ultimate Performance, Scalability and Usability for Movie Theater Giant

Cineplex is a top-tier Canadian brand that operates in the Film Entertainment and Content, Amusement and Leisure, and Media sectors. Cineplex welcomes over 70 million guests annually and also operates CineplexStore.com, Cineplex Events, Cineplex Media, digital place-based media (Cineplex Digital Media), amusement solutions (Player One Amusement Group, The Rec Room. Playdium) and more.

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"The platform provides a consistent user experience​ for our content team to easily make updates to movie/theatre details, content and metadata, news, blogs, contests and more."

Jeffrey Kent

Former Chief Technology Officer at Cineplex Entertainment

A better developer experience

Jamstack solutions focus on front-end technologies. The simplicity of the code coupled with complete control over the DevOps improves the overall experience of designing, building, and maintaining web experiences.

Frontend Technologies

Eliminate the need for full-stack developers. More abundant Javascript developers can write cleaner, less complex code without having to worry about a server.

Better SEO by default

Jamstack forces the developer to think about the frontend output of the site, making it cleaner for SEO.  Obviously, the performance benefits also greatly improve SEO as well.

Easier to update

Jamstack solutions have fewer moving parts, making them easier to read, code, and update over time.  This makes the developer experience better, faster, and more enjoyable.

Take the next steps

Jamstack is all about abstracting complexity to deliver ease of use for developers and simple, blazingly fast experiences for end-users. If you'd like to learn more, reach out to one of our experts.

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