Agility CMS: A Foundation for Better Online Security

Modern Techniques for a Secure Digital World

Agility CMS
Agility CMS
Mar 12, 2021

Security is the number one consideration regarding the procurement of software and services.

40% of the internet runs on Monolithic systems with many known (and emerging) vulnerabilities and attack vectors. 

Agility CMS is built using a fundamentally different paradigm. 
  • Agility follows a modern approach to interoperability with external systems.  Agility maintains a distinct separation of content and your code
  • Agility stores and delivers a website's content independently from that website's codebase.  A website based on Agility CMS cannot be used as an attack vector.  
  • Agility CMS utilizes Auth0 for all authentication operations.  
  • Agility’s infrastructure utilizes Microsoft Azure, bringing in enterprise-grade security benefits. 

Learn from our Handy Guide featuring Case Studies with Scotiabank and ActZero:

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