Presenting Our New Website and JAMstack Starters

Q4 2020 Platform Update

Agility CMS
Agility CMS
Dec 24, 2020
agility cms new website announcement

Great news, everyone. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve revamped our website!

We developed this new website in consultation with 9thWonder, one of our implementation partners, and we’re excited to see the results. 

With this new website also comes a platform update that will make it easier for users to launch a fully-featured website by leveraging Jamstack architecture. We’ve also improved our UI and simplified our offering to make it easier for you to hit the ground running and develop outstanding digital experiences with a fraction of the effort. 

The new website is fully JAMstack powered using Gatsby and Netlify for hosting.


agility cms old website


Agility CMS new website

What’s New In Agility CMS

We also worked hard on making Agility CMS platform easier to use and to give you more control.

  • Quicker start: We’ve improved our flow so you can configure your websites and apps faster and upgrade to a paid plan only when you’re ready.
  • Flexible instance naming: This means that you can change your instances’ name to unique ones.
  • Usage control: The instance dashboard will now show how much bandwidth you’ve used.

  • Faster website deployment: We now have built-in deploy flows for Vercel that make building and connecting a website easier. 
    • Simplified onboarding: We created better product walkthroughs for you and new users. You can also invite other users to join Agility in less steps.

    • Easier login: We’ve overhauled the login process and you can now use more platforms to login in with a much more secure interface. 

    For a more technical take on our updates, feel free to read this article in our help center: Platform Update - Q4 2020.

    Presenting Our JAMstack Blog Starters and Virtual Event Starter

    Website Starters

    One of the things that make Agility so fast and flexible, especially for novice users, is that it comes prepackaged with a series of website starters and templates so you can build a digital experience quickly. Our Gatsby and Next.js website starters are perfect for users who want to grasp the concepts behind Agility CMS in a controlled environment. 

    With our website starters you can:

    • Get your site up and running in minutes without a developer,
    • Gain access to onboarding guides with all you need to know to build your site,
    • Deploy your website to Vercel in a few clicks for lighting-fast deployment. 

    We’re also working on adding new starters to give you more functionalities and support for other frameworks, as well as new hosting integrations. 

    For a closer look at our blog starters, watch this video: How to use Agility CMS Next.js Starter

    Planning an event in 2021?

    In collaboration with Next.js and Vercel, Agility CMS is giving you a powerful platform that is optimized to drive registration and performance!

    With a few clicks, you will have a powerful conference platform ready for you to launch virtual events. Try here.

    Live Demo:

    Agility Demo version

    Why you will love this Starter Kit:

    • Delegation: Running a conference is difficult – you have to delegate tasks to third-parties to ensure success. Certain elements of an online conference experience are tough to get right, and we'd rather lean on established, industry leading solutions.
    • Flexibility: While delegating certain elements of the conference experience is helpful, it's also important to own the platform. That's why this template provides a flexible open-source codebase that can be modified for your event.
    • Reducing Risk: It's inevitable something will go wrong during your event. This platform reduces risk by leaning on a dynamic site that outputs as static files. These static files are cached, ensuring your site is never down. Then, it uses Serverless Functions to sprinkle dynamic content on top, which are hosted by a provider with 99.99% uptime.

    And all of this, in just a few clicks:

    1. CLONE

    This virtual event starter kit was used to run Next.js Conf 2020, which had almost 40,000 live attendees. Now it is available to you! Just clone Gir Repository with 1 click!

    2. DEPLOY

    Another click - deploy to Vercel, a cloud platform for static sites and Serverless Functions that enables developers to host Jamstack websites: deploy instantly, scale automatically, and requires no supervision, all with no configuration.


    This starter kit includes the following features but all components are fully customizable (not just "white-label", we mean it - fully!):

    • Multiple stages with an embedded YouTube stream
    • Sponsor expo, including individual virtual booths
    • Career Fair, allowing attendees to network and find job opportunities 
    • Ticket registration and generation
    • Speaker pages and bios
    • Schedule 

    With Agility CMS you have all the tools you need to create amazing content fast.

    Built With

    For more information about our website starters, check out our Starters page and read more about how to build a website in Agility CMS using Gatsby or Next.js here: Get started quickly with your choice of our starter templates

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