Our CEO Jon Voigt Talked to CMS-Connected About Agility's Solution

Cristina Ferrandez
Cristina Ferrandez
Mar 28, 2017

Jon Voigt, our CEO, recently talked to Laura Myers over at CMS Connected about Agility’s approach when it comes to user experience, upgrades and providing our customers with a digital peace of mind.

The article highlighted Agility’s alignment between back-end UX and front-end UX, which is designed to ensure that a positive user experience is maintained both within and without the platform. This means that, as well as providing sites that are user-friendly, the Agility platform itself is also intuitive and easy-to-use. At Agility we strongly believe that a positive internal UX translates into a positive external UX.

The article also mentioned Agility’s approach to platform upgrades, which is geared towards automatic upgrades that do not require any input from the end user. Any updates, such as new modules, are rolled out on a monthly basis without Agility users having to lift a finger. This means that the platform is constantly evolving with technology, but without the extra labour often required of customers, leading to a more positive experience.

Finally, the article outlines Agility’s key goal to provide our customers with what we term a digital peace of mind. This means that we strive to give our customers the assurance that we are bringing them a platform that is flexible and growth-focused. In this way, customers know that, in the future, when they wish to bring in a new system, they will be able to do so without any hiccups or platform-related issues.

Head to CMS-Connected to read the full article.

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