Agility CMS Launches New Rebrand, Product Offerings and Celebrates 17 Years!

Gabriella Pirrone
Gabriella Pirrone
Jul 18, 2019

Today marks the beginning of an exciting chapter at Agility CMS. A fresh new look, new product offerings, and to top it all off, celebrating our 17th anniversary–we are proud of where we are today!  

But why the rebrand?  

What was the process like?  

Most importantly, how will it affect Agility CMSs partners and customers? Follow along below as I touch on all of these questions and more!

Why Did Agility CMS Rebrand? 

Agility CMS as a platform is expanding to welcome in a whole new kind of community of users – people who are focused on getting things done more quickly. The CMS industry is evolving at a tremendous pace, even for SaaS products. Last year, we realized it was time to start talking about our unique architecture in the Headless CMS space and focus strictly on our Digital Experience Platform. This year, we’re rebranding to solidify our stance, offering, and direction going forward.

Agility CMS has always been capable of getting your content to you faster, but now things are even better. Build, manage, and deploy custom applications quickly using our new Content Fetch API that gives you access to Agility CMSs data using any programming language or framework. Starting with JavaScript, we created an open-source SDK to allow developers, customers and agencies the ability to get started with Agility CMS instantly. Stay tuned for move advances and SDKs in the near future. We’ve also released both a Free and Nano version, giving instant access to evaluate and see Agility CMS in action. These versions are self-serve and allow our developer community to spin up production capable solutions at a blink of an eye. Our new features provide a great way for you to try our latest solutions at no cost and we’re confident that you will love it! So, whether you're looking for a free account or a flagship enterprise solution, we guarantee that we can get you going fast. 

"To leverage our new API offering means we are opening up our Free and Nano plans to make it more affordable for developers to create small but powerful websites and applications. Folks can sign up instantly from our new website and be working with content in moments."  Joel Varty, President at Agility CMS

What Does this Mean for our Partners & Customers

Our customers and partners have always been an essential part of our process, and now they have new ways to work with us, with faster spin-ups of new instances and having the ability to build exactly the way they want. The platform now provides complete visibility into their usage of Agility CMS and allows them to scale when needed so the system can grow with them. We believe relationships must scale at least as well as our technology scales; we strive to build both on expertise, trust, and a legacy of open communication that Agility has grown over the 17 years of dedicated leadership in the digital communications industry. 

The Process and Challenges 

Launching a rebrand is a lengthy and timely process. The rebranding and redesign itself weren't the biggest challenges for us – they are the outcomes of moving from a services company to dedicating all of our effort towards our Digital Experience Platform. It also meant that we had to change our mindset. We had multiple teams working on the brand launch, website, new products, and rolling out an entirely new backend subscription management layer for self-serve credit card management. We rolled all of this out on the same day! Not to mention while also being in the process of bringing on new staff.

We are super happy with the efforts of our team, the quality and value of our products, and couldn't be more excited about where Agility is heading. We already have partners and customers who are taking advantage of our new offerings and requested to sign up before it was even live!

Out With the Old, In With the New 

On the brand design, it's a sad day to let go of the Agility cat. It symbolized the essence of being agile–which is still a core value for our team. The new Agility triangle logo is a symbol of being more agile. It combines three key strengths: speed, flexibility, and power that come to together to create Agility. The symbol is quick to use and draw, flexible for many formats, and triangles are known for the strength in their shape. The typeface and colours reflect our team's approach to our work: vibrant, fun, happy with passion, and energy because we believe having fun while doing what you love is essential! 

We hope you like our new branding, but we are even more optimistic that you'll love our new product packages and features! Tell us what you think! Comment, like, and share this post. We'd love to hear from you!

Finally, if you haven’t already done so – GIVE AGILTY CMS A TRY

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