9thWonder: Rebrand and New Website Using Agility CMS

Taking advantage of a headless, content-first approach to unleash a stunning new design.

Gabriella Pirrone
Gabriella Pirrone
Nov 15, 2019

9thWonder is a full service, independent, marketing agency that specializes in research and brand strategy to digital marketing, media, and creative services. From tech to automotive, CPG to service, B2B to B2C, big and small, and everything in between – 9thWonder has helped many brands in a wide range of verticals bring their big ideas to life. With comprehensive case studies to tell-all team bios and new blog posts. The new rebrand and website truly showcases the team's creative flair and passion for what they can create. 

Last month, Adweek even named 9thWonder as one of its Top 100 Fastest Growing Agencies in the world, as well the Top 4 of growing agencies in the Southwest. I was fortunate to connect with Katie Phillips, Front End Developer at 9thWonder, to discuss their rebrand, the challenges they faced, advice to companies who have thought about a website redesign but hesitant to follow through, and more. Follow along and read the exclusive interview below. 

Why did 9thWonder decide to rebrand their site using Agility CMS?  

“We did a rebrand, so we needed a new site and wanted to try a new technology. We decided to use Agility for a few reasons. First, we were looking for another .NET CMS that we could offer to our customers. We were also following the conversations around headless CMSs and wanted to explore that more for ourselves. When looking into Agility CMS, we found exactly what we were looking for – the security and site speed we needed while still being able to use a robust CMS. “ 

Talk about the brand: Why does it look the way it does?   

“Before forming 9thWonder, we conducted a survey of Chief Marketing Officers, and a key insight was their need for agencies that can help them take the impact of marketing from short-term campaigns to change that has lasting value. This inspired us to think about the change that has an immediate impact yet stands the test of time and came across the Wonders of the World. Someone had an audacious idea that made an immediate and lasting impact. We embraced that with our company name, identity, and the experience on the website.” 

 What did the process look like?  

“After identifying that we have a need for a new site, we went into a discovery phase. We gather ideas and code snippets that we think are cool and came up with the concept for the site. We always start with wireframes that our director of UX develops using research and best practices about usability. After that we designed the homepage and sitewide styles including buttons, heading styles, colors, fonts etc. Once we finished the homepage, we designed each interior template for desktop, tablet, and mobile. That’s when we jump into development. We start with HTML, CSS, and JS and do our first round of QA. We then connect the frontend to the CMS, finalize the content, and do one last round of QA.” 

What were some of the challenges that you faced with the rebrand?  

“We were quite delayed in the process because so many people wanted to help out with the site. While it’s great to have a lot of involvement, it’s also hard getting so many people to get on the same page. Having a CMS really helps because we can make the little changes needed – mostly to copy - without needing a developer.” 

What are some of your favorite features of the new website?  

“Our usability testing and web stats have already indicated that people's favorite feature on the website is the capabilities section. It is beautiful, engaging and fun.” 

Are there any different services that you offer now compared to before?   

“Yes! We now offer sites using Agility CMS as the CMS. “ 

What does the redesign mean for your current and future customers?  

“We have developed a unique brand that clients can recognize, and websites are a big part of that. It has the important information about what we can do but also allows clients to see the skills that we have. By doing our website in Agility CMS, we continue to expand the offerings that we can give our clients.”     

What is your advice to companies who are thinking of doing a website redesign?  

“Make sure to push the envelope! Don’t create something that is already out there, do something that is unique yet still grounded in sound usability principles. “

Ending Notes 

Are you struggling with a slow, unsecure website and the technology you’re using is preventing you from being the superhero you need it to be? Try Agility CMS for FREE (yes, it’s really free, no credit card required) and instantly get started! With Agility CMS, you get speed, security, but most importantly, a robust CMS that you can count on. Whether you are rolling out a large solution, rebranding, or just need to work on a small component, Agility CMS gives you the creative freedom you've always craved and the power to start building that right away. 

Want to learn more about headless CMS and Agility CMS? Read our guides and white papers here: 


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