Develop. Preview. Ship.
Vercel Now is the optimal workflow for frontend teams.
All-in-one: Static and JAMstack deployment, Serverless Functions, and Global CDN.

Better together

Push to deploy and preview. Merge to go live.
An intuitive workflow that makes collaboration easy with the whole team.

Beyond static with JAMstack

Static, meet Dynamic. Generate blazing fast pages and augment them with rich JavaScript that brings your apps alive.

Blazing fast builds

The fastest build system in the market. Don't waste time staring at CI and logs.

Dynamic re-builds

Trigger instant re-builds of your site with deploy hooks. Perfect for working with a CMS.

Incremental generation

Why re-build the whole thing, when you can re-build one page at a time?

Try Agility CMS Next.js Vercel starter for free now!

A starter NextJS website using Agility CMS, Tailwinds CSS, and several pre-built components