More than half of all Gatsby sites are deployed on Netlify. Host your Agility CMS websites that are built with Gatsby on Netlify easily and securely.

Netlify    JAMstack

All sites on Netlify are prebuilt for performance and deployed directly to our global edge network—without requiring you to manage, scale, or patch any web servers. This enables a revolutionary new architecture called the JAMstack, designed to make the web faster—and to support the new tools and workflows used in modern web development.

Netlify is one of the most exciting hosting platforms that's available right now, and it's the preferred choice for Gatsby and other static websites.

There’s a reason for this excitement and tremendous growth: Netlify is the all-in-one platform that does way more than just build your Gatsby site. Get everything teams need for modern web applications—from local development to production deployment—all in one place.

Run Gatsby with the full power of a global platform complete with cloud functions, forms, large media handling, identity management and more. It's all wrapped in a completely automated development workflow with continuous deployment, unlimited staging environments, split testing, and even full rollbacks.

Netlify is on a mission to make a more independent web that is faster, simpler and safer. Simply put, it is the fastest way to build the fastest sites.

Used by more than 800,000 web developers and businesses, the Netlify platform provides modern build workflows, serverless functions and a global Application Delivery Network to deliver the most performant, secure and scalable websites and applications. Netlify pioneered the JAMstack category, a modern web architecture that marries the best practices of static sites with the API economy and serverless functions, to deliver the faster load times and dynamic content, without worrying about web servers. Founded in 2014, Netlify is a venture-backed software company headquartered in San Francisco with a global team.