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By Daniel Palmer Mar 28, 2018

What is an API and Why is it Important to Business Success?

As SaaS applications are exploding, APIs are serving as the interconnected tissue that allows developers to integrate tools seamlessly with a cloud-based platform.

By Edward Wilson Mar 27, 2018

Pair Digital Marketing with a Hybrid CMS to Drive Customer Delight

By delivering personalized content across multiple channels, you can keep your website branding and experience consistent and focus your efforts on delighting your customers.

By Stephen Medve, CMS Connected Mar 2, 2018

Cloud Technologies Save You Time, Money & Resource

With companies such as Agility CMS having been built from the ground up as a Cloud platform, these True cloud-based solutions are no longer being looked at as a fringe approach to the market, as there is now a true monetary return to using this approach.

By Edward Wilson Feb 13, 2018

The Ultimate CMS Content Architecture Tutorial

Content architecture affects how easy (or how difficult) it is for you and your team to transform your content into money. With the right architecture in place, creating content and managing content delivery can happen smoothly in the background while your end users enjoy the quality experience they are looking for.

By Edward Wilson Feb 13, 2018

How Content Architecture Helps Your Bottom Line

When content architecture is designed well, it’s easy for your editors and developers to have workflows optimized, and make changes quickly and efficiently. The ultimate advantage to good content architecture is increased margins and happier customers.

By Marla Hurov Jan 29, 2018

Traditional, Headless, or Hybrid Cloud CMS: Which Content Management Solution is Right for You?

In a world with an ever-increasing number of customer touchpoints and business technologies, the ability to share content, assets and data across channels is exactly how a CMS should work. But which CMS is the best fit for your company's success?

By Marla Hurov Dec 19, 2017

5 Reasons to Future-Proof Your CMS with True Cloud

As we head into 2018, it’s prime time to think about the savviest technology choices for your business. When it comes to a content management system, you...
By Annisha Lashand Nov 16, 2017

7 Ticketing Secrets to Ensure Your Customers Are Having the Best Online-to-Offline Experience

Like a swift, and powerful wind, the agents of digital disruption have uprooted and completely transformed the way we socialize, shop, communicate and make...
By Julie Vi Nov 7, 2017

Agility Wins "Best Cloud CMS" in the 6th Annual CMS Critic People’s Choice Awards

The Agility team is proud to announce that we have been recognized again as "Best Cloud CMS” 2017! Thank you to the CMS Critic Awards and especially to...
By Cristina Ferrandez Oct 11, 2017

How Do I Know My CMS Can Handle My Web Traffic?

Fast performance will encourage people to stay on your site longer.

By Cristina Ferrandez Oct 2, 2017

6 Ways To Make The Most of Marketing Automation With Your CMS

When the powers of marketing automation and CMS are combined, you can efficiently move your leads through each stage of the buying funnel at the appropriate time.

By Cristina Ferrandez Sep 26, 2017

The Top 8 Features You Should Look For In Your Ecommerce Solution

You want your ecommerce website to be aligned with the needs of your customers while also making it a powerful solution for you and your team.