Website Personalization

Get ready to personalize

and grow your business.


The Agility Advantage and How You Benefit:

The ROI of Personalization

Leverage highly targeted content to obtain real results!

Increase your sales prospects across channels; receive measurable ROI on marketing spend; benefit from increased conversions or even an uplift in gross or per user revenue.

These may all be obtained by choosing one of Agility Personalization solutions: Personalization, Machine Learning, or Marketing Automation.

Get Customer Insights

Know your customers inside out by receiving unique insights and reports to continually provide the best digital engagement to compete and grow with personalization.

Automatically deliver content to each user that is just right for them; answer their questions faster and more accurately and help them find relevant content

3 Levels of Digital Personalization

Agility Personalization solutions will help you automatically personalize each customer interaction across your website and other channels, such as Ecommerce, Ticketing and POS.

This way, you can take instant action via personalization, product/content recommendations, automatic optimization, and real-time messaging.

Set Up Within Hours, Not Days

Agility Personalization is easy to set up and maintain at a low cost and with minimal resources.

What’s more, it will grow and deliver you more and more value over time!

Key Agility Personalization Features:

User Personas

Identify your user personas based on referrer, landing page, user journeys or their affinity to a set of tags.

User Journeys

Establish user journeys based on goals, categorization, engagement or A/B experiments.

Integrations with APIs

Integrate Agility Personalization with your apps and systems of choice, such as CRM systems.

Machine Learning

Power your personalization initiatives with automatic content tagging, recommendations, persona assignments and trends.

Marketing Automation

Integrate Agility Personalization with Marketing Automation platforms for universal contact management, user funneling and action triggering.

In-Depth Reporting

Gain key insights into your users’ engagement through in-depth reports and implement A/B experiments accordingly.

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