Speed of Development, Without Compromise 

Built with agility and

speed-to-market in mind.


The Agility Advantage and What It Means for You:

Quick and Easy Updates

With Agility, you’ll spend less time making edits and more time completing other work.

Our application allows you to build and edit pages and dynamic content seamlessly and fast.

You can even group mass updates into a single batch and publish them all at once.

Completely Streamlined CMS

Work with a platform that is designed to minimize barriers and to match your unique workflows so that your content team can work smarter and faster.

Build your project in phases and continue developing it over time.

No barriers to development

Agility is built with the developer’s ease-of-use in mind; it doesn’t use any proprietary languages so you don’t have to learn any special coding skills, thus cutting development time drastically!

The platform is built on the ASP.Net MVC stack, specially tuned for Azure.

If you don’t know .Net, or only know HTML, JavaScript and CSS, you can learn Agility very quickly or build completely off the REST APIs.

If you are interested in Single Page Application technology, such as Knockout.js and React.js, then Agility is for you!

Straightforward integrations

Your current investments don’t have to be wasted.

Not only does Agility offer a suite of fully-integrated products including Ecommerce, Ticketing and POS, but we also provide seamless and fast CMS integrations with third-party systems.

And if you ever decide to go 100% Agility, we will be there to support your next move by providing a seamless transition.

Key Flexibility Features:

Intuitive Interface

Manage your content with an easy-to-use platform, even out-of-the-box. Benefit from features such as content staging and previewing.

Project Management Team

Take advantage of your designated Project Manager and Product Developer, Helpdesk and Customer Success Manager.

Fast CMS integrations

Integrate with third-party systems through web hooks and REST APIs and enjoy bidirectional data flow with any system.

Natively cloud-based

Agility is built from the ground up using Microsoft Azure, where your data will always be secure. You can also benefit from Azure’s scalability hosting.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Agility uses a CDN for all images, with built-in image transcoding and thumbnailing

Machine Learning

At Agility we’re all about future growth. Machine Learning makes our systems better and better over time, so that you can see better results without any effort.

One of the main benefits that we are able to realize by using the Agility CMS is the ability to build a piece of content once - like a member offer or reward - and then display that content in any digital channel, such as the website or mobile app. This means we build it once, in one system, and it looks the same across these channels. From an administrative standpoint this is huge, and from a member standpoint we can ensure that the content is the same in every digital channel.

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