Agility Central Hub


All your digital properties.

Fully integrated in one platform.


The Agility Advantage and How You Benefit:

Many Tools. One Spot.

With Agility you can take advantage of our fully-integrated suite of products, including Ecommerce, Ticketing, POS and Personalization.

All products are easily managed from the Agility Central Hub platform, so you can use a single set of tools and increase efficiency.

Built with Developers in Mind

At Agility we believe your employees’ user experience is just as important as your customers’ user experience; which is why we made Agility easy to build on!

Familiar development languages, seamless integrations and easy replication of content across channels will give your developers more time to focus on creating new content.

Save time and Resources

Agility seamlessly integrates with third-party systems through APIs, making it a breeze to continue expanding your website and capabilities.

This will give your team more time to focus on the things that matter, rather than on trying to figure out the technical aspects.

Security is Top of Mind

Security is one of the most important aspects of building a website.

Our Central Hub approach is designed to help you manage your system integrations and to protect each system from any security vulnerabilities to other ones.

If there is a security vulnerability, all your other systems will continue working without interruptions.

Key Central Hub Features:

One place

Manage our full suite of products, including Ecommerce, Ticketing, POS and Personalization, from a single spot with a single UX and interface.

Simple integrations

Add third-party integrations more easily by integrating only with the central hub. Easily remove or sever systems without affecting all other integrations.

Multiple channels

Easily push a single piece of content out to a variety of channels from a single spot: website, mobile app, kiosk etc.

Ideal for personalization initiatives

Easily set up and manage personalization initiatives that require data from multiple systems.

In-depth insights and reports

Gather data from across systems and observe valuable trends and insights into your customers through our dashboards.

Always secure

Reduce security risks by simply severing systems experiencing threats from the central hub, without affecting any of the other systems.

One of the main benefits that we are able to realize by using the Agility CMS is the ability to build a piece of content once - like a member offer or reward - and then display that content in any digital channel, such as the website or mobile app. This means we build it once, in one system, and it looks the same across these channels. From an administrative standpoint this is huge, and from a member standpoint we can ensure that the content is the same in every digital channel.

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