Our Vision and Core Values

This is where we've been.
Join us on the journey and let's see where we can go together.

At Agility, we recognize that diverse, intelligent, and driven individuals who do not settle for the status quo are important to our company. But as a mighty team that lives by the notion that, "you don't win with the best talent - you win with the five players who are able to play well together," we strive to learn from and mentor each other. The ultimate result of this strong collaboration are shared skill sets that enable our team to deal with varied work and support each other on a higher level.

We also work hard toward a common vision of servicing our customers to the best of our abilities, every single day. Throughout Agility's 15-year history, we have always believed that everyone in this world deserves amazing experiences and we are dedicated to ensure this vision reaches as many people as possible. 

In recent years, we decided to start focusing our energy and resources on people and companies who are aligned with our philosophy and core values; people and companies who also believe everyone deserves amazing experiences, and who have a broader reach than we do. And since our customers' journeys are never-ending and multi-directional, we are ready for any new challenge that comes our way!

Our Core Values

Build Trusting Relationships

Over the past 15 years, day in and day out, our attitudes and behaviours have continued to help build meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers, employees, partners and vendors. 

We build trusting relationships by being committed, candid, condour, caring, and credible. We continue to honor the philosophy that if you treat others the way you would like to be treated, it’s a win-win for everyone invested in the relationship.

Lead with Service

At Agility, our leaders and employees serve colleagues, peers, customers, partners, and others. We are all encouraged to expand the culture of service throughout our company by leading, teaching, inspiring, mentoring, and serving everyone we interact with on a daily basis.  

Our goal is not to just lead a team to deliver service excellence to our customers, it also includes promoting a customer-centric environment and analysing the team's performance to identify areas of improvement. 

Advocate Health and Happiness in Your Community

Our community is every person we interact with: our customers, our office, our partners, our neighborhood, Canada, and the world. We advocate and help others through acts of kindness, community events, and charity work. Giving back to our community has touched many people’s lives, including our own.

We also promote health in the office through Wellness Wednesdays that include periodic wellness and fitness sessions that bring the team together to encourage health, balance, and mindfulness.

Be a Leader

Becoming a leader happens when you think beyond the boundaries of your role. It’s also about empowering others to reach their full potential and knowing when to step aside and give someone else the chance to step up and grow.

This takes teamwork, empathy and understanding. It takes time to become a great leader. Everyone at Agility strive to build growth paths and opportunities for people to become the best they can be.

Find a Way

Finding a way means showing relentless perseverance in finding a solution to every problem. This doesn’t necessarily mean problems are always solved using the exact solution that was required. Oftentimes, it demands finding alternative solutions and options.

We are constantly looking for new and multiple solutions to problems, never just settling for the easy option. Our commitment to finding the best possible solution to any given situation has led to extremely positive experiences with everyone we interact with, internally and externally.